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New equipment has arrived!

New equipment has arrived in the learning center to better facilitate the inner athlete in your child. Let's have a look on the equipment that has arrived and been assembled!

First up we now have a basketball hoop and a basketball. This basketball hoop's height can be adjusted to suit your child height and strength of throw. In addition to that, the hoop are spring loaded to ensure it stays in it's ideal position regardless of wear and tear from playing, so it's constantly in shape to be played outdoors. The basketball used is a standard indoor and outdoor ball, allowing it to be played indoors during the rainy season and outdoors during the sunny season. Next up is a goal post, it's time to play FOOTBALL / SOCCER!

Other than basketball, we have thought of other sports of what your child can play here within the learning center's compound and so we thought why not football / soccer? So now the school has a goal post and a football / soccer to shoot some goals and play in a miniature field in the learning center. Made of aluminum and light as feather goal post will ensure your child is safe when playing on the grass. Now let's have a look at the soccer / football that we got for them...

The football / soccer ball is an international match standard size 4 ball that is suitable to be played on both artificial and real grass. It's not heavy but well suited to be used to play competitively in the learning center to help your child learn and adjust to playing football or soccer in school! We will bring you more news update as our learning center grows until then see you in our next post!

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