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Creating a Brighter Future

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BRIGHTFuture learning center is an inclusive center providing both IGCSE syllabus with vocational skills in an ever growing environment. We strive to bring about the best out of your child, help them explore their potential and develop their skill.

Our inclusive center feature classrooms for both special needs and neurotypical children where they can learn together, strive and develop skills in an ever-growing society.

Our Mission & Vision

Here at BRIGHTFuture Learning Center, we believe every student regardless if they are special needs or neurotypical deserve an equal opportunity in education. As such we provide an inclusive learning environment and strive to bring about the best of all our students not in just academics but in various other skills.

In line with our mission, our motto is:

Your child's development, our priority!

We care for your child and we believe that they have potentials that are yet to be discovered. So let us alongside with you, their parents traverse this path together to bring the greatness in your child for a BRIGHTER FUTURE in an inclusive society!

Award Winner

Meet Our Team

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Program Planner 

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Program Planner

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Gwan Yew

Special Education Innovator &  Digital Marketer

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Occupational Therapist


Clinical Psychologist

Hui Ting

Speech-Language Pathologist

Liz Zainon

Occupational Therapist

Madhuri Chuphal

Therapeutic Play Specialist

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